Author: Allan Bloom

ISBN: 9780671891206
Pages: 592
Description: Based on the lives and writings of the ancient authors who influenced our modern times. You can get it as a used book from

Page 30: Bloom sums up his greater need to write on such a theme:
“But nowhere is this a more urgent task than in matters of eros, the first and best hope of human connectedness in a world where all connectedness has become problematic.”

Page 29
“I suggest that we need a generation or two not of theory but of an attempt to discover the real phenomena of eros.”

Page 33
“I have no desire … to preach a high-minded and merely edifying version of love.”

“I simply try to act as an honest broker for greater persons and writers than I am … I present no theory, nor do I have one … I have constructed no Schema … in terms of the struggle between Eros and agape and the futility of the former in the face of the latter. I have no aspirations, hoping only to show you what some great writers thought these things are.”

Page 34 On the Romantic movement:
“It tried to rescue sex from Christian original sin and to recover the union of body and soule of Platonic eros while guaranteeing the reciprocity missing from the Platonic understanding of love and friendship…”

“…Rousseau and the Rousseauans play a double role in this book.”

Page 34 On the Shakespearean movement:
“Shakespeare is to me the purest voice of nature, and he does no meddle with nature. His plays provide us with the greatest variety of erotic expression, and with Shakespeare eros is the proper term to use.”

“He takes lovers with the utmost seriousness and portrays with sympathy love’s promise of unity… -and that Christianity is the source not only of repression decried since the Romantics, but of a deepening of women and a new sensitivity of men.”
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